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You can be too young but please message us to see if we can organise something for you if you’re under 18. You will likely just need a parent or guardian with you.

As for too old…there’s no such thing! I’ve worked with men and women over 80 who are more active than 20 year old’s. Consult your doctor prior to training and we can work out a plan for you.

Do you give out fitness plans without personal training?

In short, yes. However we do not recommend this and hence charge a high fee to maintain some form of accountability for you.

A trainer doesn’t just give you a program, they help you with mindset and keep you accountable for your actions.

I should go to the gym and prepare myself before getting a trainer, yeah?

No. For two reasons:
1. You will end up taking longer to reach your goals.
2. You are likely to develop bad movement patterns and habits and those are very hard to change. We work hard in developing those movements so you can transition to training on your own later on.

Do you have preference for any clients?

In all honesty every trainer likes working with certain clients. My favourite area to study and therefore train myself is in correctional exercise. Analysing your movement and finding any potential ways to increase your performance. Most of my clientele are people with some sort of injury or pain who are also looking to lose weight and get healthier.

Do you take hicaps?

Yes we do, we use the brand new HICAPS Go APP. Please visit the iOS store or google play store to download it.

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