Referral Challenge
30/7/18 running until 19/8/18


This is the first time I will be doing anything like this and if successful i will be doing them more often.

First the idea behind this is that as business owners we pour a lot of money into marketing essentially to get more clients to make a living and this is the same no matter what industry you're in. For example smartphones get marked up quite a lot because so much money goes into trying to entice you to buy a new hone every year.


Instead of me paying Facebook hundreds of dollars a week and paying to get flyers and business cards made I would like to give you all the opportunity to win that money.


You must be wondering what is on offer. Well here it is...

1st Place ----> Brand New iPad 
2nd Place -->  Myzone MZ-3 Heart rate monitor
3rd Place ---> $50 voucher to your favourite restaurant
...and for everyone that participates and scores at least 30 points will receive a T-shirt and shaker bottle.

*To be eligible for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd prizes you must score at least 50 points


How it works.

Each of the following challenges will score you points which are denoted next to the item. Some can only be done once and others can be done multiple times.

One time only challenges:
1. Like the Facebook page (1)
2. Follow the Instagram page (1)
Follow the Twitter page (1)
Post a review on Facebook (5) [Only for people who have worked with me]
5. Post a review on Google (5) [Only for people who have worked with me]
6. Record a video review (10) [Only for people who have worked with me]
7. Share the Facebook page with your review (5) [Only for people who have worked with me]
8. Share the $97 Trial offer post on Facebook (3)
9. Share the $97 Trial offer post on Twitter (3)
Share the $97 Trial offer post on Instagram (3)

Challenges you can do multiple times:
1. Check-in at Legacy Physio and Fitness on Facebook when you do a session (1 per session)

Sign up someone to a program or session
1. $97 Trial (20) [An individual can only do the trial once]
2. 1 x Personal Training session or Physiotherapy appointment (15)
3. Semi Private PT 12 week pack 
4. 8 week package (100)
5. Yearly package (300) 
6. Procoach Nutrition Coaching (30) 
7. Flux Performance Fitness membership (150)


Tips: Remember to ensure your facebook check ins are set to public, otherwise i won't be able to see them and no points will be given. If you're unsure about how to do any of the above please let me know.

- (How to make check-ins public)
- (Google review) Type in "Legacy Physio and Fitness" into google and my listing should appear. On the right hand side it will say write a review.
- Facebook review, go to the facebook page above and in the left column it will say reviews.
- Video reviews should be done in a quiet area and be in a similar format to those on or on the facebook page. Please send these through to me via email

Thank you and I hope this is a profitable experience for both of us.