Getting off the couch and starting a new healthy life is a huge challenge. You need some motivation to start so the first tip to get started is to know your WHY.

1. Finding your WHY
What this entails is digging deep into your reasons for starting. I will start with an example

eg) Your doctor says you have high blood pressure and need to lose weight. So you tell your trainer or yourself that your goal is to lose weight, but losing weight itself isn’t why your doctor told you that, they would have told you the risks associated with your high blood pressure and continuing your current lifestyle. Heart disease and a shorter life is a very possible consequence of an unhealthy lifestyle. So your WHY might be i want to live longer to see your grandkids grow up not just losing weight, that’s just the process to achieve the goal you want.

Ask yourself WHY you want to reach the goal you think you have, ask why that answer you gave is what you want and so on until you get to the deeper reason for starting this journey. Knowing this will give you the determination to get out of bed every morning and work towards your goals.


2. Start simple!
An easy nutrition tip is to drink 2 litres of water a day, if that’s hard just start with an extra glass every morning and build it up.
Start with a 5 minute walk and every week add 5 minutes
The more small steps you take towards your goal the faster you reach it. You don’t have to go 100% and cut out every single “bad” food to get to your goals.


3. If nutrition is your hardest challenge, then take the thought out of it and order a meal delivery service. The meals will be portion controlled and will be at least semi healthy. This takes all the guesswork and time out of your nutrition so you can focus on other things.

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